Become Top Groomer with the international Grooming School Vienna. Open your own grooming salon and be successful with the help from the Groomingteam Austria. You can also become Vienna Groomer Partner, we help you with your Homepages to become very fast known.

You want to get education from Top Groomers?,     Than you are at the right address, all our students how visited your Grooming School are successful groomers, und made there own dreams true with there own salon in hole Europe.

To be a successful groomer is not a question of luck, you need a good education the right tools and perfect cosmetic.

At us you get everything at once, and you also get best prices for your grooming salon equipment from Onlinezoo, with the Groomer certificate with you get after finishing the Grooming School.

The grooming curse takes 2 weeks, but you can stay longer (without extra costs) if you still insecure to groom, but 97% of all our ex-students was ready to start there own business after 2 weeks. And started there own beauty salon for dogs.

The school cost 1900,- € (excl. V.A.T) and every student work also on special model dogs by himself (herself) and also active with in your salon.

Of course you learn all grooming procedures like puckling, trimming, shaving, cutting, paw-service, eye care, ear care, intimate care ,right bathing, claws care, and so on.

We take max. 4 students at once, with more than 4 students is a serious work not possible, you learn with us theoretical and practical grooming.

At our grooming school is everything included, we charge not extra for exam, certificate or documents.

international Grooming School Vienna, You want to become groomer? We help you to learn step by step. Start your own grooming salon.

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